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Hull to Beverley by Bicycle

February 10th, 2016

In the olden days I had no qualms about cycling along main roads. I vividly recall leaving a friend's flat in Hull city centre's Grammar School Yard on my Reynolds 531ST steel touring bike and heading north. I set off at 8.00pm and cycled to York via Beverley along the A1079, arriving slightly later than the allowed time at York Youth Hostel for a night's rest. A lot has changed since then. The friend moved away; I got considerably slower; Market Weighton got a bypass and York YHA became a three-star (!) hotel, apparently. But for me the biggest change since those times is that I am not at all comfortable riding along the A1079.

Hull Cycle Hub

Hull Cycle Hub, Paragon Station. Store your own bike or hire a direct drive shaft machine or e-bike?

So if gnarly old local cycletourists like me don't fancy the main road route between Hull and Beverley, what about visitors to this part of East Yorkshire? This post, triggered by a conversation with a representative of Sustrans, is about the best way(s) to get between those two places by bike. What would you recommend as a route for a cycletourist/leisure cyclist or what have you? Perhaps they have arrived by ferry and made their way to the city centre. Perhaps the Transpennine Trail has brought them safely through west Hull to the centre. Or maybe they have fetched up in Hull Paragon Station by using one of the two available spaces on some train or other. Maybe they arrived without a bike and hired one from the Hull Cycle Hub. Whatever. What route would you recommend? (In true CTC fashion I would prefer a loop so that I don't come back via the same route, but that's another story…)

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Autumn trip to Belgium

January 26th, 2016

We sailed to Belgium in the autumn, when the price was low.
Terry said “It's two for one” (Terry's in the know)
Three of us met in Cottingham for a wet ride to the ferry.
Mally chose our Garmin route so we could meet with Terry
In time to board our ship and sail throughout the night.
But when we landed in Zeebrugge, Alan had a fright.

The temperature was three degrees. It was pretty chilly.
Alan wore his shorts and shirt so he felt rather silly.
After riding half an hour, on a route led out by Pete,
Alan was quite nithered from his fingers to his feet.

We had to lend him extra clothes so he could last the day.
But then, our navigation king stood up and had his say.
“My Garmin says this route is wrong so you must follow me.
Angela says I`m always right and I must say, I agree”.

Mally's Garmin led us to a town called Damm.
Mally said “There's coffee here. I know just where I am”
We rode to Sluis for lunch and Zeebrugge for our tea
We boarded our good ship in time and once more were at sea

We ate well throughout the day and were never really lost
So Mally chose the Dining Room and never mind the cost.
“You cannot come in here” they said without a second thought.
So Mally said “Well sod you then, at least we'll have a port".

A jolly evening followed with ribaldry and jokes.
Cyclists are good company. Really jolly folks.
When morning came, we docked in Hull and rode home in the rain.
A rather good adventure. We must do it again.

Annual Dinner and Presentation Evening 2016

January 19th, 2016

The Annual Dinner and Presentation evening will take place this year on Friday 26th February. The venue is Cottingham Parks Golf & Leisure Club, Woodhill Way, Cottingham, HU16 5SW.

6.30pm for a 7.00pm start.

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Photographic Competition 2016

January 18th, 2016

For the first time in many years, there will be a competition for the Starkey Trophy which will be awarded at our Annual Dinner.

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Pashley Princess Sovereign for sale

January 14th, 2016

Pashley Princess Sovereign for sale

2011 model, 17.5" frame in Buckingham Black, £350.

Pashley Princess Sovereign for sale - full picture

Contact Nikki on 07890 755443 (Welton area, East Yorkshire) for further details.

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Runs List January to March 2016

January 1st, 2016

The Runs List for January to March 2016 is available to download.

Runs List 2016.numbers-Jan-2016 Ride List

Runs List for January and early February 2016. The full January to March Runs List (.pdf) includes ride leaders and contact numbers. See also all of our Ride Start Points


December 13th, 2015

The other day I was walking the dogs with Mrs B near the in-laws' home. An old dog had gone missing and a group on Facebook had been mobilised to help find this poorly old creature. Sadly, I think it is still missing, but we spent a couple of hours traipsing around in the rain doing our bit. The only positive thing that seemed to come of this soggy venture at the time was the discovery of a pile of discarded thin floor tiles (I think). I took them home and left them propped against an outside wall before deciding whether they could be put to good use. On reflection I think they are probably too thick for the job I had in mind. But that won't deter the mudguarded cycletourist from the perpetual search for that Holy Grail: the DIY flap.

Dirty Eagle

Does your bike ever look like this? Then you need to read on. Seriously…

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