100 Miles in 8 Hours: Standard Ride 9th June 2013

A group of brisk riders set off from the Humber Bridge car park at 8 am. Part way along the bridge, I heard the words "coming through" some "super brisk riders" overtook me, leaving a group of five: Dave W, Chris M, Jeff, Alan and me. I was in good company as Alan had designed the course and he and the others (unlike me) knew the route very well.

June 2013 Standard Ride

The super brisk riders get ready to roll

After five minutes we came across the "super brisk group" who had stopped. Somebody had touched a wheel and fallen. He was able to continue (exposing his wounds like they do in the Tour de France). Two minutes later we found the road bridge near South Ferriby was closed and we had to wait for about five minutes. Not a good start!

June 2013 Standard Ride

(The super brisk group don't do mudguards)

The "super brisk group" left us again after the bridge reopened and we five continued in a sedate manner along quiet roads to our first control at Rosie's Café in Walkeringham. We decided to take an early lunch here. Alan and I dined in the café where the service was quick. We then joined the others (who had chosen to eat in the open) and set off again. At Kirton we climbed our first significant hill. Dave, Chris and Jeff decided to take a break but Alan and I decided to carry on to our next control at Caistor.

Thus far, we had been assisted by a slight breeze but we now had to ride into the wind. We decided to ride "bit and bit" to make things as easy as we could. Both Alan and I were suffering from saddle soreness. A rest on a comfortable seat was necessary. Where better than the "Library cafe" at Caistor, a place highly recommended for its coffee by Chris B?

Coffee in Caistor

Coffee in Caistor. It's got to be done

We both enjoyed a large "Chris B" and a large piece of cake. The others arrived and asked how long we would be. "Five minutes" we said. Dave replied "Ok we will carry on slowly". We did not believe him. Only 20 miles to go now. We should beat our eight hour time limit. We continued to ride bit and bit eventually reaching the other three as we rode over the Humber Bridge.

We arrived at the Humber Bridge car park finish with 15 minutes to spare. Waiting for us with drinks were Eric and Pete Dove.

A very enjoyable ride with good weather and good company.

Thank you Chris M for organizing the ride as well as riding it.

Thank you also to Sheila, Eric and Pete Dove for your work at the start and finish of the day.

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