100 Miles on the South Bank

On Sunday 8 June, 10 riders left the Humber Bridge at 8 am on the Standard Ride (there would be a further 10 on the 50 route as well as several on the short ride). We quickly split into a faster group of six & a sedate group of four (Dave W, Jeffrey, Tracey & me). The weather was good & we made good progress to Epworth where Dave surprised me by suggesting that we stopped for a drink. To me, stopping for a drink means going into a coffee shop. Dave is an Audax rider. Audax riders do not stop for long coffee breaks. Whilst Tracey & I were drinking our coffee, Dave & Jeffrey announced that they were leaving & would see us at our first control Rosie's cafe.

After finishing our coffee & cake, Tracey & I set off for Rosie's where we met Dave & Jeffrey. Dave told us where to stamp our cards. He & Jeffrey then left to have their lunch in a park near Gainsborough. After consuming beans on toast & tea, Tracey & I rode to meet them but found that they had left so we continued to our next control at Caistor.

Tracey & I found that we had one thing in common (apart from liking coffee & cake) we both had sore chuffs. We decided that the best way to resolve this problem was to stop at the Library cafe in Caistor, sit on comfortable seats & enjoy the coffee much praised by coffee connoisseur Chris. Yes, Chris the coffee & cake were excellent. I pointed out to Tracey that if we stopped for long in Caistor we would not finish by 4 o'clock (our 8 hour deadline) Tracey's response was “I don't care”.

Coffee with a smile

The coffee is served with a smile in Caistor

Suitably rested & refreshed we rode the remaining 20 miles to the Humber Bridge to be met by Eric & Pete who informed us that the first group had checked in nearly two hours earlier. They did not enjoy their coffee breaks like we did.

Thank you Sheila Chris & John for getting up early to set us off & thank you Eric & Pete for waiting for us at the Humber Bridge.

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