A wet, cold, and windy Sunday ride

A Few pictures from recent club rides.

Jodie braking hard on the descent into Nunburnham

Billy Whiz can just be seen in the far distance after bravely riding through the flood first. Picture from our Sunday Ride to the world Peace Cafe 6th March 2017. Use the contact form if you would like to be included in our weekly rides email newsletter.

Garmin users are welcome despite the impression given by some members, most of our club rides are recorded as a Garmin/GPX file and are available to members. Garmin GPS is not generally used for navigation on our rides as the knowledge of the local back roads by our members is legendary, although our human SATNAV members memories are occasionally helped out by Mr Garmin and his 16 satellites.

Good to meet Paul and Danille and a rare moment when members of all three of our ride groups met at the Cottingham start on a recent Sunday outing.

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