Big G Cyclosportive 2013 (100km)

Yesterday, I finally managed to take part in the Big G Cyclosportive after illness, holidays, a wedding and other distractions prevented me from giving it a go in previous years. This was only my second sportive after completing the Heart of the Wolds back in April. Once again I was unprepared and carrying a bit too much weight, but I enjoyed a dash around the Yorkshire Wolds with some faster, younger cyclists.

Big G 2013 start

Riders assemble at the start of the Big G Cyclosportive 2013

I quickly latched on to a group of Riders from the Beverley Knights and Hull Thursday clubs. As with my previous sportive, the help of others in sharing the work would prove invaluable; I was rather optimistically hoping for 'Gold' in this event. Thankfully, the weather provided a break from the recent heat wave; a few minutes after I had applied sun cream we found ourselves getting rained on as we left Molescroft.

The 100km route avoids the hilliest roads found on the 160km event (Burdale, Birdsall, Hanging Grimston etc), but still throws in some testers. A few riders overtook us, but we pulled back more, particularly on the uphill sections.

I won't detail the full ride (view the 'Player' link on Garmin Connect). Instead a few highlights for me were just about holding my own on the eight short climbs, being reminded to pedal on the way downhill (old habits die hard for us old cycletourists) and seeing so many riders out on the Wolds.

I was slightly disappointed that, after holding it together on those climbs, I was finally dropped on that little dink out of Etton. But by then I knew that – barring an accident or p***ture – I would get back to Molescroft within the Gold standard time, so it wasn't a complete collapse. I managed to keep going and got back in under four hours. I was rather chuffed with that.

Big G 2013 finish

Riders at the finish of the Big G, including some from Beverley Knights

I really enjoyed this event – and the company along the way. Big thanks to all from Hull Thursday who made the day such a memorable one, especially Dave. That pull through Kiplingcotes in to a head wind had me at my limit. I couldn't face the post-ride pie and peas (and I think there was a goodie bag I forgot to pick up), but I now have a snazzy maroon Grimpeurs des Wolds polo shirt that matched my complexion nicely. Next year, maybe the 160km ride…?

Results from Sports Timing Solutions

Images from the Big G by Cherry Studios (changes each year)

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  1. francis brogden wrote:

    Couldn't face pie and peas? – MAN UP!

  2. Chris wrote:

    Thank you for those kind words, Francis. I also couldn't finish my gateau during a holiday to the Black Forest last week :shock:

    cake and a half

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