Club Dinner & Presentation Ray Robson in Action

The photos taken during the evening by our dinner organiser Godfrey are all loaded now, everyone seemed to agree that he had done a superb job again – many thanks.

An ode to our guest of Honour from Dudley

Ray Robson

This year Ray is 90 but still in his prime.
He comes out on Sundays to show us how to climb.
When he is riding off the front, we wonder, does he feel
For the many others who fight to hold his wheel.

He finds hills quite easy and never makes a fuss
When climbing up from Elloughton, unlike most of us.
His bikes are all immaculate. He puts us to shame.
Always the perfect gentleman, Ray Robson is his name.

Dudley Moor

Star guest Ray was in good form presenting our trophies and awards – a great social evening with all our members looking elegant as ever out of their lycra cycling kit!


any suggestions for a caption ?

….it's OK, Jaques is driving



Don't tell Eric that the fiver he's just given me, is one of those worth thousands

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