EYCTC Club Ride Sunday 12/11/17 – The day of the Freezing Wind

11 club members gathered at the sunny Cottingham start point and headed out into the strong, cold North West wind (3 to 1.5C) to be joined by 4 more at Cherry Burton. See the ride heatmap showing the fluctuating numbers of riders at various points on route. Disaster at the Fiddle Drill in Goodmanham when we discovered it was closed and the pub was rammed, so on to various lunch points in Market Weighton and back via least 3 separate routes. My group ended up on a ridable grassy bridle way from Shiptonthorpe to Harswell which seemed to suck out the strength from the legs, Pete was penalised 2 points for dabs on the way but we ended up with a respectable 45 miles.

Rider numbers at Various points during the day

2 Penalty Points for Pete

You'r Fired as navigator

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