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John's E-Bike Testing Time in the Dales

September 19th, 2018

A touring test on an electrical bike: Giant Road E Plus 2 2017 

Over the years I have done many enjoyable hostel to hostel rides in the Yorkshire Dales. Unfortunately the last one I did a couple of years ago I rapidly realised that age had kick in and by the time that I had climbed to Tan Hill from Dufton I was all in and even a pint in the pub only did a little to help. However it turns out that technology was at hand in the guise of an electric pedal assist road bike. This is not a mountain bike although the frame gives more than a nod to one. Having tried a mountain bike the difference seems to be the power delivery, the mountain bike I tried gave an immediately powerful push right from the off whilst the road bike is more subdue although when it was needed the assistance is there especially in Power mode. There are three modes Eco, Normal and Power

My ride started in Askrigg and went through Castle Bolton and turned right near Hardrow to go up Buttertubs Pass. This was the test and decided the route that I was going to take the next day. I had a saddle bag with over night clothes, tools,  inner tubes etc. But one of the main draw backs with electric bike touring is that a battery charger has to be carried and what with plug and leads must add about 2lbs All the small climbs were easily managed in Normal mode as was most of a 17% climb, only flicking into Power mode for the last 50yds. Success. Turning round at the summit I descended to the YHA at Hawes for the night. 

The next day it was up and over Buttertubs again and into Thwaite. Obviously free wheel descending no power is used and cycling at over 15.7 mph it is all human power. Whether it is because of the mountain bike frame similarities and fat tyres (700×32)  the ride felt very solid and comfortable. Turning left at the junction and just using the Eco and Normal modes I went past the old Keld hostel and turned right on to the Tan Hill road. This was going to be the real test. Within a few yards of the junction there is a 25% sign, a bridge and straight after that three sharp bend in quick succession. So sever are the bends in fact is that there is ample evidence of where unprepared motorist have scraped their vehicles on the inside of the bends. Luckily having descended (but never ascended) and camped near this road I knew what to expect. Into the right gear, not too low, and in Power mode I just flew through the bends. I had to pedal hard but not gut busting so. It was then plain sailing to Tan Hill, the weather was ideal, sunny with hardly any wind. 

I got to Dufton with about 15 miles left of battery having done 40 or so. Locally I’ve never used as much because I very rarely use more than Eco mode and can turn the assist off all together on our flatter roads and after 60 miles have about 30 miles left in the tank so to speak.

The next day I travelled to Kirby Stephen and through the Mallerstang mostly using the Normal mode because there was a head wind and I fancied an easy ride. Then from the Moorcock Inn to Appelsett reaching 36 mph on the down hills and back to Askrigg.

People were very interested in the bike and keen to ask about it. 2 at Tan Hill, e-mountain bike shop owner at Hartley, 1 at Dufton,  2 at Kirby Stephen and 3 at Pendragon Castle including the local postman!

I hope to do more of the same next Spring.

Specifications: Frame – ALUXX SL-Grade Aluminium 

  • Fork – ALUXX SL-Grade Aluminium 
  • Drivetrain – 20 speed Shimano Tiagra drivetrain 34-50, 11-32
  • Brakes – TRP SPYRE Alloy arm mechanical disc brakes 
  • Motor – Giant SyncDrive Sport, 80Nm, 250W central motor
  • Battery – Giant EnergyPak 400, 36V Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery
  • Cost – Just under £1900 reduced from £2700

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Where’s Nettleton? Sunday Club Ride 16/09/18

September 16th, 2018

A good turnout at the Humber Bridge today to admire Pete Ks massive 40t chainring (electric bike purchase delaying option?) Once again only one group set off south for Kelsey into a stiff SW wind. Welcome Coffee stop at Howsham enjoyed by most of the group. According to our inset reporter, Dudley, the planned lunch stop at Kelsey was abandonded as the Cafe was full, onwards to Nettleton? Wind assisted Return was uneventful apart from a saddle falling off incident!
Thanks be to Dudley for his contribution. One early bath.

ps Beverley John is taking names for a Helmsley YH trip  on 10th October – interested? contact him ASAP

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Sheila’s Interesting Ride out East Sunday 09/09/18

September 9th, 2018

Just one group set off from an overcast Cottingham pushed by a mainly tail to cross wind. Interesting place names on the way to Stoney Creek on the Humber bank included, Noddle Hill, Swine, Sunk Island, Bleak house and a surprise Humber tunnel outlet and all its infrastructure. Lunch, after 35 miles, was at the excellent Station pub at Patrington.

The return was via the Hornsea Sutton cycle way with some of us fading towards the end of the 60 plus miles.

thanks Sheila for leading and the ‘Coffee stop’ (without coffee) refreshments at the Creek. 1 puncture, 1 early Bath, 1 solo return


In ansewer to a question ‘no … this is not part of Hadrian’s wall.

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Thursday 30/08 Kingswood explorer & Fittling

August 30th, 2018

Summer’s back for our ride to the Spotted Duck Cafe at Fittling. Good to see Alan A back after his acccident and his first full day out on the bike – looking good. Thanks be to Shiela leading us through the new Kingswood outer reaches.

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Sunday Rides 19th August Weather forecast wrong !

August 20th, 2018

Two start points today, Johns MA from Driffield and The 3 Wimps from Cottingham Green. Both Rides conducted in warm but windy conditions with no rain for the wimp riders. John discovered the Spirit of Yorkshire distillery, the others travelled to Wetwang via Hutton Cranswick and back over the gravel track near Wetwang to Bracken.

thanks be to John of Beverley.

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Millington Sunday Club Ride 12/08

August 13th, 2018

Despite the rubbish weather forecast no rain

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John’s Sledmere to Dalby Ride Sunday 5th August

August 9th, 2018

Another great warm cycling day over roads less traveled.

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