Super hero’s Richard, Brian, and Terry to the rescue

The following has been sent in by Amanda:🤔 3 chaps to mend a puncture!

West Hull Ladies running club have a few ladies who also get themselves out on a bike. Suitable cross training and a really enjoyable activity in the warm sunny weather we had on Thursday (8th August). Five of us set off to South Dalton, did the loop round Holme on the Wolds then stopped at South Dalton village hall for tea and cake.

However, just before entering Dalton Estate Sandra punctured! We used the ‘spray in gunge’ doing as it said on the can but, although the tyre inflated, it also rapidly deflated. It said on the can that you could not now repair as normal!

She called her husband and began walking (no clipless for her so shoes fine for walking). On her insistence four of us in our clipless shoes pedalled on to the village hall where a group of three CTC riders, Richard, Brian and Terry, had just finished their cuppas and offered to rescue. Thank you!!

They found Sandra and soon had her sorted (she had a spare inner tube) and so, after tea and cake we could all complete our ride together thanks to the CTC puncture repair heroes.




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