The Cheese Shop, Howden

This is my favourite cycling café for a few reasons. When I got back into cycling, reaching Howden from South Cave seemed an epic achievement (both for distance and the fact I was lost). The Cheese Shop is in the heart of the town square and I was glad of somewhere to sit and work out where I was. I sat at a table outside and basked in the unexpected sunshine (it was March). Whilst there another cyclist came along and we got chatting – it was then I realised that cycling was not so much a solo hobby more of ‘a club’.

Howden 01

With the formation of South Cave Road Club, Howden and the Cheese Shop has become our regular Saturday morning ride. The standard route has been tweeked a few times but is now set out at 20 there via the tile yards, Blacktoft and Saltmarshe and 37 back via Everingham. Subject to family commitments, lack of motivation or weather this can be shortened all the way back to 20 miles – which is just there and back on the old A63.
The café itself serves reasonable coffee and a very impressive range of cakes. It also serves sandwiches and hot food – and if the staff are feeling naughty they hover round the tables with a tray of freshly baked sausage rolls until the aroma forces you to buy one. If sat outside you are opposite a fine old churchy thing with I dare say a very interesting history.

Howden 01

I have taken cyclists who don’t normally partake in café stops – but after one visit they are instantly converted.

3 Responses to “The Cheese Shop, Howden”

  1. Rob Soar wrote:

    Being fortunate enough to live in Howden we sometimes pop round for a cooked breakfast, they are delicious!

  2. Chris wrote:

    It is a great place to stop, but beware, make sure your bikes are locked outside, as recently as we pulled up, someone's beloved Felt bike had been stolen.
    Other than that, enjoy the cakes,…….oh, and coffee 🙂

  3. ChrisB wrote:

    I've not been to a café in Howden for some years, so I'm not sure which one I went in then. I must get back. With a lock. I imagine this is the bike:

    Here's hoping something turns up 🙁