Tom Tom's Roundabout Ride Pics Sunday 22/07/18

Great day for a ride 2 groups setting off from Cottingham Green 12 in the faster Group up through Skidby and Little Weighton the fields look ready for harvesting already. Came to the top of Beverley Clump and decided to do Brantingham Dale with one motorist deciding to pass two of us on the steep section. Soon into the Garden Centre at Ellerker and coffee and tea cakes on the patio. Dudley looked forlorn at having to return because of another appointment but soon down Mill hill and through Ellerker picked up Tracey and soon through Broomfleet decision time for some taking the track and the route through the Tileworks.
Didn’t quite synchronise at Faxfleet so through Blackfoft and past the help yourself cafe for church funds and on through the quaint villages of Yokefleet Laxton and Kilpin met Duane on his way back and soon into California Gardens Howden for lunch which was surprisingly quiet. Commiserated with visitors from Barnsley on their relegation from the Championship.
Soon back out on the old A63 and through Eastrington and Sandholme and Newport back wind to North Cave and the back way through Nordham to Hotham Park and Newbald. The bushy hill route seemed most inviting and Middle Howe Lane Walkington and Little Weighton disappeared under our wheels to enjoy refreshing beer in the Half Moon with short journey and 55 miles since settling out.

Thanks be to Long Tom.

Towards Howden

Gravel Stuff for some

TDF effect on old racers

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