28 Plough Hill, Caistor

Forget Strava; forget Garmin Connect; forget… oh, it'll come to me later. The greatest motivating factor on my ride today was getting home for Mrs B by 12.30. But not before a quick 40-mile loop from the Humber Bridge car park over to Lincolnshire and my favourite place for coffee.

28 Plough Hill Caistor - Stokes coffee

28 Plough Hill, Caistor. They have their own blend of Stokes coffee

28 Plough Hill is not my favourite café. No, that would be the World Peace Café at Kilnwick Percy. However, the coffee at this heritage centre on the ground floor of a former Methodist chapel in Caistor is my clear favourite (my wife reckons I'm obsessed.) I'm not a connoisseur – I just had to look up how to spell the word – but I do know what I like. The staff are really friendly, and the surroundings are very pleasant, but none of that would matter if the coffee wasn't so special. Apparently it's based on a standard from Stokes of Lincoln, but blended to the requirements of 28 Plough Hill (aka Caistor Arts & Heritage Centre).

Another reason for riding out to Caistor is the variety of loops that can be made to get there and back. Yesterday's ride was just about the shortest possible. I have ridden an out-and-back through Kirmington and the airport, but the ride south along that fairly busy route is not nice; it's a gradual drag I find best enjoyed heading in the opposite direction back home.

I do hope Caistor Arts & Heritage Centre will remain open for a good while yet. I understand there was a library in Caistor that was forced to close and some of the books relocated to 28 Plough Hill. Now it seems that this place is in turn under threat. My reasons for visiting are entirely selfish, but it would be a great pity if the people in this part of Lincolnshire were to lose a facility such as this.

28 Plough Hill, Caistor

Be warned: in warmer weather tables and chairs are set out in the bike park area 😉

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