75,000 Miles for Maurice

What do cyclists do after they retire from work?

They go out on their bikes. That is exactly what Maurice Tomlinson (now aged 83) did. He has now ridden 75,000 miles since his retirement.

What an achievement! Well done Maurice!

Maurice & crew Tr Vets 100 2010

Our man Maurice (in black) at the Triennial Veteran's 100 in 2010

One Response to “75,000 Miles for Maurice”

  1. ChrisB wrote:

    I remember Maurice taking me out in loco parentis on my silver Eddy Merckx ten speed that I got from Tiplady's on Hessle Road; Maurice worked with my Dad who I don't think has ridden a bike since school 😮

    Maurice seemed ancient even then (I was twelve years old) but – when I think about it – he was, er, probably the age I am now 😯

    I hope I will still be getting out on a bike four decades from now. In fact, I'd settle for four months from now…

    Well done, Maurice. Keep it up, sir.