A Cycle Ride to Burton Fleming

Ride report by Keith Cadwallader, still slightly jet-lagged after his cycle ride across America.

I arrived at Cottingham to find just one lone cyclist near the bus stop, a guy called Winston who had emailed me previously enquiring about the ride. He is from London but was in the area for a few days and decided to join us. I thought for a little while that there was just going to be the two of us but eventually there were six of us set off to ride to Aunt Sal's café at Burton Fleming. An ideal number for my first time as the ride leader.

It was a very pleasant morning, probably the best day so far this year and some very white legs as it was probably the first time this year that it was safe to wear shorts. Our route took us out through South Dalton and we turned left at Holme on the Wolds towards Middleton. Then it was the long drag up towards Huggate and into Wetwang where we turned left at the main road and right onto the Malton road for about a mile to the bikers café at Fimber roundabout.

Fimber Park cafe

A good mix of cycles, and cyclists, at the first café stop – Fimber Park

An enjoyable stop (the homemade bacon and egg slice is fantastic and cheap £2.20 including coffee) and about half the price of the café at Sledmere House. The penalty for that was having to ride about three miles on a slightly busier road into Sledmere where we turned left at the Triton Arms towards Helperthorpe and then onto the valley road towards Hunmanby.

On the road to Helperthorpe

Richard brings up the rear on the road to Helperthorpe. Slowed down by his novelty cycle helmet? 😮

Another enjoyable stop at Aunt Sal's café in Burton Fleming where the homemade fruit cake is compulsory, for me anyway.

Aunt Sal's

Aunt Sal's café in Burton Fleming

Having had a head wind most of the time on the way out, the return journey was a little easier and on slightly flatter roads as well. At Rudston we stopped off briefly to look at the standing stone as some of the guys hadn't seen it before, and it is impressive.

Rudstone monolith

Rudston monolith

From there we rode up the hill to admire the view from the top of Woldgate before dropping down into Kilham and then across the Bridlington road to Harpham, Lowthorpe, Wansford, Skerne.

The quiet road before Lowthorpe

A quiet road leading to Lowthorpe

At the crossing gates near Lowthorpe we ran into one of the guys from Scarborough Paragon who I know quite well and is an absolute inspiration. Brian Musson is his name and he had an ambition to ride eighty miles on his eightieth birthday. He rode ninety five.

At the Lowthorpe level crossing

At the level crossing chatting with an inspirational cyclist: Brian Musson

Riding through Hutton Village we came across another cycling acquaintance who reminded me that we are both world record breaking cyclists. Impressive eh? We were both part of the team that rode a conference bike from John O'Groats to Lands End two years ago for a cancer charity and since it was the first time it had been done it had to be a world record. Check it out it's in the Guinness book. At Hutton Cranswick we stopped yet again just to prove that CTC really does stand for café to café.

Another cafe - here at Hutton Cranswick

A welcome sight

Then it was the usual route back to Cottingham through Bracken that most of you guys could do with your eyes shut. A spirited ride with an average speed of about fifteen miles per hour which left me wondering if my name would be deleted from the list for the ride to Flamborough in August.

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