A Cycle Ride to Thwing – with some thoughts on 'The Rules'

We cycled a bit further than expected today. A week in to October and it was still like summer. We were supposed to go to Rudston; instead we went to Thwing.

Bloke on carbon rims

One of the hundred or so cyclists we saw on today's ride. On his own because of the racket from his carbon rims…?

The planned ride for our group was to the north. So we headed west to get in a decent cafe stop before lunch. Dave L went home after Kilnwick Percy. He was struggling and his explanation put us off the possibility of walnut cake. That's when I started to think about 'The Rules' [or rather Dave Barter's take on them] – warning: salty language. (I had the lemon cheesecake, by the way.)

Rule 18: Hot drink prejudices have no place in cycling. However, it’s Coffee and Walnut cake or find another cafe.

Worth the way out West

Coffee and cake, but no beer (it's a Buddhist thing…). See also Rule 11

Team Aldi makes a break

Team Aldi makes a break for it

Rule 1: When you pass another cyclist on the road, you acknowledge their presence…

At some point we thought it would be a good idea to count the cyclists out today. We got a bit mixed up in the mid-eighties, but there must have been around a hundred. Our ride took us along part of the Way of the Roses, a popular coast to coast route, but I'm not sure how many cyclists were doing that journey today. We offered a friendly wave, nod and words of greeting. Some were returned; others not.

Rule 11: Post ride it’s obligatory to publish to all social networks statistics, routes, pictures of bikes against gateposts/food/cows/crap landscapes along with references to beer and cake…

Gate - check; Cows - check; bit of landscape - check

Gate post – check; Cows – check; bit of landscape – check

Another glorious Sunday of cycling in the Yorkshire Wolds. Surely the weather can't stay this good for much longer. A cracking ride with thanks to Jeffery and the Daves for their company.

A century ride - IN OCTOBER!

Okay, I went around the block a few times, but 100 miles is 100 miles – and Rule 4.

Rule 11 again


Electrical adhesive tape

Not actually one of the rules, but + 1 for Dave Barter's tip about electrical adhesive tape. Messy, but effective in this balmy October weather

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