A Tribute to Fred Townsend

A reminder that Fred Townsend funeral is this Friday (8th Jan), at 10am Chants Ave, small chapel.

A Tribute to Fred Townsend, from his daughter, Debra.

A  Lifetime Cycling

Frederick George Townsend

 “I’ll just go for a short ride, keep my legs moving” A short ride to my Father was forty to fifty miles!

He had a life’s passion for good health and exercise, a testament to this he cycled up to 90 years old.  His enthusiasm in life was cycling, it all started when he was a young man and given a cycle as a birthday present from his Mother, which led to a wonderful cycling life, taking trips to Hornsea, Withernsea, Bridlington and Scarborough with groups of friends, stretching further a field in the summer months.

My Father was a Maintenance Electrician, served as an apprentice on the Railways for seven years and worked at British Aero Space Brough for 34 years, worked nights for 30 of them and retired in 1992.  He cycled to and from work through all the seasons and only occasionally he would take the bus or an offer of a lift.  The years of cycling kept him fit, healthy and he never looked his age but Mum said that was down to her good care of him!

In 1993 Dad joined the CTCs, every Thursday he would go for a ride in the Dales, Lincoln or around Yorkshire and every Sunday would ride as well, he completed all the birthday rides in remarkable times, he was proud of those achievements.  Dad completed the end to end twice and the east to west twice along with numerous rides across all the home nations and in Europe; he particularly enjoyed his tours in France and Spain in the hills.  He became friends with everyone, meeting up with cycling friends from around the country. He did time trials around Yorkshire but thought of himself not as good as the fast riders.

In his 80’s Dad cycled every day, he couldn’t just go round the corner for a paper, he had to ride miles, keeping his legs moving!  After Mum passed away Dad slowed down but continued to look after himself, his garden was spotlessly tidy with always a beautiful array of flowers  whatever the season. We continued to have trips out and he would talk about his cycling days, he loved being in my car with the window down and feeling the air on his face, reminding him of cycling and most days wished he was. Dad knew all the distances and the cycling routes his memory never failed, how lucky was I, he knew me right up till he passed.  

I hold tight my fabulous Father with pride, he was the kindest man, a true gentleman who loved nature, scenery, the seasons and beauty however his passion was cycling.  

Debra Rial.

Dads Funeral is on the 8th January 2021 at 10am at Chanterlands Crematorium, Hull.

Due to the restrictions, please let me know if you will be attending.

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