Autumn trip to Belgium

We sailed to Belgium in the autumn, when the price was low.
Terry said “It's two for one” (Terry's in the know)
Three of us met in Cottingham for a wet ride to the ferry.
Mally chose our Garmin route so we could meet with Terry
In time to board our ship and sail throughout the night.
But when we landed in Zeebrugge, Alan had a fright.

The temperature was three degrees. It was pretty chilly.
Alan wore his shorts and shirt so he felt rather silly.
After riding half an hour, on a route led out by Pete,
Alan was quite nithered from his fingers to his feet.

We had to lend him extra clothes so he could last the day.
But then, our navigation king stood up and had his say.
“My Garmin says this route is wrong so you must follow me.
Angela says I`m always right and I must say, I agree”.

Mally's Garmin led us to a town called Damm.
Mally said “There's coffee here. I know just where I am”
We rode to Sluis for lunch and Zeebrugge for our tea
We boarded our good ship in time and once more were at sea

We ate well throughout the day and were never really lost
So Mally chose the Dining Room and never mind the cost.
“You cannot come in here” they said without a second thought.
So Mally said “Well sod you then, at least we'll have a port".

A jolly evening followed with ribaldry and jokes.
Cyclists are good company. Really jolly folks.
When morning came, we docked in Hull and rode home in the rain.
A rather good adventure. We must do it again.

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