Back on Track

As part of my 70th year celebrations Dudley and I travelled to the National Cycling Centre Manchester Velodrome take part in a public track tester session. After a briefing for new Fixie/track riders we 16 were launched on the track as soon as Wiggins and the GB male and female pursuit squads were chased off (5 minutes late). In my case I last rode the boards in 1970 at the opening meeting for the new Meadowbank Commonwealth games track in Edinburgh – wins for both of the Hull Coureurs riders taking part.


Dudley throws in an impromptu weights session whilst waiting for Sir Brad to get off the boards

Riding a track bike around an enclosed banked wooden track is the purest form of cycling and with our mixed ability group spread out around the track felt just like competing as there was opportunities to overtake slower riders, drift up to the top of the track and swoop down and out of the banked corners.

As there is a need to maintain around 18mph and effectively need to accelerate into the corners, it is fairly hard work and the dry air causes the throat to dry out quickly.

We both looked at the Hoy track bikes in the adjacent bike shop with a degree of neediness but resisted the reduced prices and came back bikeless and achy after a great experience.



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