Café Velo, Beverley

Café Velo, Beverley opened in July 2014. Beverley is a bit close to home for a coffee stop but today was a short morning ride and we added a few miles just to justify going there.

Somewhere to park your bike in Café Velo, Beverley…

It’s a cycling geek heaven. Retro caps, steel bikes and woollen jerseys adorn the walls – along with unusual prints – some of which I have since added to my own collection after seeing them in there. There are quirky touches such as table numbers fashioned from bike chain and a toilet flush made from a gear lever. There is always a velo-themed film playing on the big screen and various cycle magazines scattered around.

… although some patrons claim to have found a design flaw

World championship stripes are in abundance including across the chest of staff members. There are bike racks inside for about a dozen bikes. There are a range of cakes (including gluten free) on offer, and the coffee is quite good. Prices aren’t cheap but I’m more than happy to pay the extra for the ‘geek factor’.

3 Responses to “Café Velo, Beverley”

  1. ChrisB wrote:

    Yes, it's much too close to home to qualify as one of our coffee stops, really. But sometimes, on the way back from a ride if I'm not quite ready to go home, it's a very welcome and welcoming café. Or if I'm particularly out of condition and fancy a break on a little loop or something.

    Gary and Julie manage to make the place appealing to cyclists and non-cyclists alike. And it must have the greatest floor space of any café in Beverley (think of Lempicka and TC's) – even before you tiptoe down the stairs at busy times. I reckon there are fewer than one in six customers who are cyclists, which has to be good for sustainable business, I reckon. I've probably turned up in my 'civvies' as often as I've cycled there.

    In my humble opinion a loyalty card and hotter coffee would make Café Velo even better 🙂

  2. Andrew Richardson wrote:

    Hi. I'm not an East Yorks member, living at Stamford Bridge, but found this place for the first time today. Probably 80% of the people there were cyclists. The racks were full with extra bikes parked against the wall and the offer to take any more down stairs. Great atmosphere. I will be back.

    I believe that I passed your group near Etton going the other way. Look like a friendly lot and more said hello than any of the other club groups I passed today. Looking at your runs list, it might be nice to meet up with you occasionally at lunchtime as many of your rides are within reasonable distance for me. I have occasionally ridden with York CTC and regularly with York Wednesday Wheelers. I used to know some of your people many years ago, but I'm not sure how many still go out with the group.

  3. ChrisB wrote:

    Andrew wrote: I used to know some of your people many years ago, but I'm not sure how many still go out with the group.

    Pleased to hear you found our lot a friendly bunch when passing. If you check our Planned Rides you can see that Sunday's destinations and contact details for ride leaders. We can't promised that there will be a coffee stop at Café Velo, but we have plenty of other favourites to choose from 🙂