Café Velo, Beverley (and Leven to Tickton Cycle Path)

Due to the horrendous weather forecast for the Market Rasen/Skegness area last Friday we decided that discretion dictated we would cancel our ride in that area of Lincolnshire (after seeing the news later it turned out to have been a wise decision).

This gave me the ideal opportunity to sample the delights of the new cycle themed café in Beverley (Café Velo) and also try out the new cycle path from Leven to Tickton.

On arrival at the café our Chief Coffee Taster/Expert Chris was there already sampling. The menu is various and should appeal to cyclists/non-cyclists alike. I had a coffee with a non fattening brownie which I thoroughly enjoyed.

The staff are warm and friendly I shall be definitely be back.

Oh yes the track from Leven to Tickton has a good surface – pity it doesn't go all the way on the same side of the road.

Cheers, Dick.

2 Responses to “Café Velo, Beverley (and Leven to Tickton Cycle Path)”

  1. ChrisB wrote:

    Coincidentally, I had also tested out a cycle path on the way to Café Velo that day (only I forgot to switch sides at the roundabout near Ennerdale so bombed along the main road from there to the Kingswood/McDonald's roundabout):

    I didn't particularly care for the stretch from the big roundabout near Kingswood. I was glad to turn off on to Long Lane. (I see they have managed to engineer a pinch point under the newly constructed road bridge.)

    Yes, it was my third visit at the café. I have three suggestions:

    1. a loyalty card 🙂
    2. 'babyccino' for 50p
    3. find me a house about thirty miles away so I can have a decent ride there.

    I did try to squeeze in a bit of a ride, and almost made it home before getting drenched 🙁

    I would have been home sooner, but it would have been rude not to have had that second coffee. Incidentally, my way out of Beverley is the way I will probably approach next time to avoid the bit of traffic I encountered on the day.

  2. Dick Brooks wrote:

    Cafe Velo are planning a Pantani Film Nite on Thursday 28th August Tickets are £12.50 including Chilli & Nachos