Cake Facts & Other Vital Statistics: a Ride to Thixendale

Twelve of us completed the ride to Thixendale, eight of us went via Bainton where we met three who forwent their coffee in order to do a longer ride & Tracey who rode over from Eastrington. Later we stopped at the Thixendale village hall for lunch where we were obliged to eat cake (the only food they had). Some of us who had cake at Bainton enjoyed our third cake of the day.

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In order to make up for our lack of savoury food, Tracey suggested that we called for a beer at the Light Dragoon in Etton to end our ride.

Some stastics

Nine men & three women completed the ride.

100% of the men wore helmets. 33% of the women wore helmets.

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  1. ChrisB wrote:

    Glad to read that you were able to squeeze in some cycling between beer and cake. I've seen your route on Francis's Garmin Connect account. Nice one. The upper loop went in the opposite direction to the one I was expecting. Interesting. Still working on that caption…