Coffee in Caistor (again)

This year we have tried to have all three planned rides ('brisk', 'moderate' and 'easy') go from the same start point and at the same time. However, I decided to buck that trend as I knew I would be leading the 'brisk' ride on the first weekend of my holiday. The other two rides went from Cottingham Green; mine would go from the Humber Bridge to my favourite café: 28 Plough Hill, Caistor.

28 Plough Hill, Caistor

28 Plough Hill, Caistor. (Coffee by R. W. Stokes of Lincoln)

We were joined by CTC member Charlie and four other chaps he brought with him from Cottingham Road Club. The pace was a little on the slow side for the CRC guys; two of our septuagenarian riders had been poached from the 'moderate' group with the lure of 28 Plough Hill (Dudley "two cups" Moore would live up to his nickname) and earned their splendid coffee in Caistor.

We eventually split up on the way to Caistor and I suggested that Charlie's group go via a different route through the Lincolnshire villages. A misunderstanding saw the CRC group take a different route from the one I had imagined and I wondered for a moment if Charlie was leading his lads through the Rothwell near Leeds. They were strong riders and would no doubt have coped with that diversion, but I needn't have worried.

The forecast for Sunday had been good all week, and even improved nearer the day. As we arrived at Caistor Charlie and Gary were enjoying hot drinks on the terrace – just as the rain started to fall. Fortunately, the rain had stopped by the time we were ready to leave, and at least three separate routes were followed back towards the north bank.

On the return home Garry showed a clean pair of heels (okay, Dura Ace C35 carbon wheels) and took Charlie with him towards Brigg. I don't care for the main road, preferring instead the twisting, wood-lined downhill section past the pretty church at Somerby (then Bigby, Melton Ross then the high road that runs to the east and roughly parallel to the B1204).

An enjoyable day out in the winter sun. I hope the two clubs will be able to share rides more often, perhaps starting with our Spring Standard Rides next month.

My route to Caistor and back (11.1mph? I think Charlie's Garmin stops the clock in the café!)

Charlie's variation to the route

3 Responses to “Coffee in Caistor (again)”

  1. Charlie R wrote:

    Good day.
    Good write up.


  2. ChrisB wrote:

    … & good coffee!

    Cheers, sir.

  3. Gary Blackwell wrote:

    It was pleasure Gents, I look forward to our next Coffee & Cake…..ATB Gary B…