Danger to Cyclists using farm road past ROTSEA CARR Pig Farm Hempholm

Last Sunday we were prevented from using the short piece of farm road between the public roads from Rotsea and Hempholm, just after crossing the river bridge (bridlepath) we were stopped, by a very aggressive couple, from using the road past their farm.

The sole – shouty – argument was that they were members of a pig health scheme (voluntary organisation that only examines slaughtered pigs for disease) and that their pigs would be at risk from our 25 mm width tyres bring disease from the public roads that join on to the farm road at each end.

The private signed farm road is not gated and has no warning signs and is clearly a thorough route to and from the boats at the bridge and the farm holiday cottages at the farm (offering safe cycling on the Wolds) next to the to the pig farm. The alternative route west adds a significant number of miles to the ride from that side of the river to the 'Way of the Roses' cafe at Hutton Cranswick.

Reasonable argument to let us pass failed and the male jumped into his 4×4 truck with much swearing and drove towards the 3 of us that had not already turned back before jumping out and agressively confronting the remaining rider.

You have been warned, cyclist haters are everywhere.


2 Responses to “Danger to Cyclists using farm road past ROTSEA CARR Pig Farm Hempholm”

  1. Peter Blyth wrote:

    I have used this route for more years than I care to remember AND,with just the one exception,without hindrance. On that occasion common sense prevailed & the group was not prevented from proceeding. (Remember it Jim ?)

    After that"exception",the matter was taken up with East Riding Of Yorkshire Council. They confirmed that the stretch of road in question is private,no right of way exists & it's entirely up to the farm occupants whom or what may use the road. At the time,the road was signed to a Wedding Reception Venue at Struncheon Hill Farm. Nowt new there do I hear you say?

    Any road,no pun intended,'tis a sad reflection on modern society that are considered by many/most of the great unwashed, to be harbingers of doom

    Alternative scenic & very different routes to Cranswick Garden Centre,if you don't mind walking,are; on the path on the southern bank of Scurf Dyke to Scurf Dyke Frm OR for the Bear Grylls types,down the eastern bank of Beverley & Barmston Drain to Tophill Low. With luck,mostly on a paved "private" road before encountering closed gates. At which point,bike needs lifting over a chain link fence onto the drain bank. Good luck!

  2. John Duncan wrote:

    It must be assumed I suppose that the 4 x4 never goes onto a public road!