Dragooned by John Duncan…?

Sledmere to Dalby Forest

John Duncan led this ride again, and for the second time,
He brought his daughter Janet to show us how to climb.
Tracey brought her new bike. (Her old one was outdated)
It has 10 gears and disc brakes (which seemed to be gold plated).

Janet always took the lead when we went up a hill
We did try to stay with her but did not have the will.
Tracey on her disc brake bike could have tried much harder
But she chose a steady pace and rode with Janet`s father.

Riding into Dalby, as always, was great fun,
With super views & smooth roads, then, lunch in the sun!
After lunch, we stopped for tea but some had the ice cream
We found at Wolds Way Lavender. It really was a dream.

And then back to Sledmere, to finish off our ride,
Janet led in with a sprint whilst father watched with pride.

John Duncan

When John is our leader, he does lead us astray.
He takes us to the Light Dragoon where we meet up with Ray.
He carefully plans his route home so we stop at the pub.
Our training schedules go to pot. That really is the rub.
Even Tracey's iron will melts under John's duress.
Where is all this leading to? I cannot even guess.

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