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By now news should have reached members that the next issue of the Woldsman, our quarterly magazine, will be the last. In the world of cycling we are used to change, or at least used to observing it happen. Down tube shifters, 27 inch wheels, even *gasp* steel frames have been supplanted by more 'improved' varieties. And similarly, just over a year ago, members at our 2012 AGM voted to do away with decades of tradition and consign the name of Hull & East Riding CTC to the history books.

Of course, there is no actual history book that will record the passing of Hull & East Riding CTC, but (tenuous link alert) there is a virtual book that will record the weekly events and other matters that affect our Member Group; for those who wish to make use of it we are now on Facebook (facebook.com/eastyorkshirectc). This is looked after by our man Francis, voted on to the committee at our AGM last month. Our presence on this particular social network is already adding a vibrancy that is not always possible even with this here new web site of ours, and benefits from the idiosyncratic character enjoyed by those who share the company of Francis, mainly on the 'brisk' group rides.

We also have a presence on Twitter (twitter.com/eyctc) that yours truly has been fiddling with for a few months. Swing by our pages on Facebook or Twitter if you wish, or completely ignore them. The most important thing we do is ride our bikes; but to get across news of what we do to a wider audience, social media such as these are more ways to get across that message.

I would like to repeat the thanks and appreciation recorded at the AGM to Eric Crowther and Tony Grundy for their tireless work on the Woldsman for the past decade and more. We look forward to reading of your exploits on these (virtual) pages.

[Edit November 2016: the committee decided that the Twitter account be closed down. In a separate matter, the Facebook link show above was closed down in the same month.]

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