EYCTC Spring Challenge Rides Results & Photos

Thirty people turned up for the ride on not a very pleasant day, there was a fairly strong wind with the occasional rain shower, a couple of riders came back soaked but most seem to have missed the worst of the rain. The 80 mile ride went into an area not much frequented by some riders, beyond Thixendale to Acklam and Buttercrambe. There was a bit of a sting in the tail out of South Cave and up Beverley Rd and this was after some short sharp climbs in the middle of the route. The 50 mile route was very much flatter but riders would have been battling a stiff breeze most of the way out and one that would have come from all directions on the way back. Most riders also tackled either one or two cafes on their way round which is as it should be on a day like it was. Everyone seemed to have enjoyed themselves and stayed for tea, biscuits and a chat in the church hall at the end.

Thanks to you all for your support and safe cycling.

John Duncan

3 Responses to “EYCTC Spring Challenge Rides Results & Photos”

  1. Bill Neale wrote:

    Just a couple of comments regarding the 50-mile route – Newport, Canal Side East, passes under the M62 and is sign-posted at this point as 'Pedestrians Only'. Would be better to use Thimblehall Lane just a little further along and avoid upsetting a local even though I had dis-mounted and was walking. Also the track between Faxfleet and Broomfleet is not really road-cycle friendly. My understanding is the Tile-Works to the north allow cyclists to use the route past their premises on Sundays. This adds a just couple of miles. Otherwise a really good flat route even in the inclement weather. Thanks. 🙂

  2. M wrote:

    Thanks for your comments Bill. What are the chances of meeting a pedestrian on that part of the track? Just bad luck, anyway thanks for getting off. I'll look at Thimbellhall Lane as an alternative. The reason for not going through the Tile Works was that I didn't want to push our luck. If there had been a bigger turn out on the day and large groups were seen going through it might have tipped the balance against us being able to use the private road at all. Also people who are not be aware of the restriction might use that route on a working day with all sorts of knock on effects.

    I'm glad that you enjoyed the day and thanks again for the feed back

  3. Colin Bainbridge wrote:

    Thanks for yet another well organised event. Enjoyed by all. Well done..