EYCTC Website, Facebook and Twitter – Changes underway


The committee have agreed that the eastyorkshirectc.org.uk website should be updated, the process will build on the excellent work Chris Bailey has, until recently, been undertaking as webmaster for the club.


The committee have agreed to change from the existing personal page to a CTC Group members account. Anyone interested in this new venture is invited to use their own Facebook account to search for:

East Yorkshire Cyclists' Touring Club

Twitter @eyctc

The committee have agreed that Twitter is more of a personal dialogue type of social  media  and @ctcey will no longer be linked to the club and the account will be closed.

Please bear with us whilst your new Publicity and Website administrator and technical support get to grips with the webpage structure and the updated software.

Beware of thorns – it's that time of the year again – a safe pair of hands (Dudley's)

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