Fiddle Drill, Goodmanham

The Fiddle Drill has quickly become a favourite. I notice that last Sunday's group ride to the excellent World Peace Café managed to work in a coffee stop at this relatively new café in Goodmanham – what? – half a dozen miles away.

Fiddle Drill

The Fiddle Drill, Goodmanham. (I'll probably get a better photograph next time when I'm not so tired)

I finally made a visit earlier this month. On a bit of a test run I had somehow managed to ride 130 of the 170 kilometre September Challenge Ride without stopping for a coffee. A record I won't be looking to break, rest assured. Originally advertising itself as a pop-up café it looks very much here to stay (which is nice), with exceptional presentation of a variety of pastries and other tempting offerings. Whoever designed the place has shown remarkable attention to detail to the interior, and outside a real effort to make cyclists, walkers (and dogs) especially welcome. I understand we're on a family outing to North Yorkshire tomorrow. If we don't go to York by train there may be an interesting diversion on the way home…

One Response to “Fiddle Drill, Goodmanham”

  1. francis brogden wrote:

    went today, really enjoyed it. a few grumbles of no bacon sarnies but i liked my coffee & cake