Four Go Mad at the Seaside

As the newspapers went wild with reports of the UK being hotter than Greece, it was glorious sunshine that the riders at Cottingham Green were enjoying this Sunday. After the Easy and Moderate groups set off the four remaining riders formed a Brisk quartet and I was worried that one of them was young, slim and on an aero bike (wasn't me or indeed any member of CTC).

Hornsea front

The track stand competition was eventually declared a draw

I was sort of the ride leader but knew that Chris OS Explorer Bailey would be an ideal lieutenant for route planning; my main duties would be deciding on toppings for the ice creams.

I always enjoy rides out to the East, but there never seems to be many planned and I think this is partly due to the fact there is always the initial problem of getting out of the town. On last week’s standard ride, the route via Dunswell offered a reasonable option with cycle paths being available – so we retook that way out.

As soon as Wawne approached the hammer went down and the average speed had a 2 as the first digit. I kept looking and the four of us were together so the pace kept up. On the run into Hornsea I thought Keith was on my shoulder but it turns out it was another cyclist who was enjoying a draft. As we regrouped on the seafront I decided that we had had our fun but it was a club run and time to take things a bit easier. Hard to believe that at 11 o’clock on a sunny Sunday it was near impossible to get a coffee on Hornsea seafront – so we decamped to Hornsea Mere.

Three out of the four of us were Yorkshiremen with the expected level of money awareness. So a word of warning – the business at the Mere has recently been taken over and prices have increased to reflect an overhaul of the menu.

Hornsea front

'Ow much?

After the break we wound our way Northwards and then Westwards through Bewholme, Skipsea, North Frodingham, Wansford, Skerne and to the second coffee stop at the garden centre in Hutton Cranswick. Rapidly turning into a mecca for cyclists we were one of many lycra clad groups.

After coffee and cake it was simply a case of travelling familiar ground back to Cottingham, with the quartet splintering as various home destinations were neared.

Hornsea front

Sunshine on the Holderness Plain on the hottest day of the year. Glorious

2 Responses to “Four Go Mad at the Seaside”

  1. ChrisB wrote:

    Did you make it out to the coast for a second weekend on the trot? I know you'll be cheering on Rovers as they try to win a match this season next Sunday – and I'm not out on Mother's Day the week after. Maybe see you for coffee and cake in Malton in April?

    Whoa – the sky in that middle photograph is so blue.

  2. francis wrote:

    No, had a stall at the cycle sale in Cottingham this Sunday – raising funds for Death Valley. Next two weeks are Rovers but after that may be out