Fun in the Sun: Hanging Grimston and Other Hill Climbs

The 'brisk' group went off in three directions around Millington today after a stop at the World Peace Café: the need for distance, hills, and getting home in time for the missus. The main group went off to Kirkam, Doug through the Daltons, and I fancied having a go at Hanging Grimston for the first time.

Woldsy hill

Photo competition: where in the Wolds is this, then?

I hadn't intended to go up Hanging Grimston on this informal ride. Jeffery had mentioned going to Bishop Wilton and I considered going up Worsendale, another climb I hadn't done, in search for more images to go with Roger's Hill Climbs on the Yorkshire Wolds post. That never happened, but I thought I could string together a loop (actually three – see Garmin activity below) to take in Hanging Grimston and three other climbs. That's the beauty of the Yorkshire Wolds – there are so many options out there. I wanted to get some hills in with the Big G 2013 less than a fortnight away.

World Peace Cafe Kilnwick Percy

Some of the 'brisk' group take shelter in the shade

Sadly, all those options meant that I took the wrong turn north of Huggate, popped out on to the A166 too far to the East, and had an uncomfortable time on that busy road until the turn off opposite the cycle path.

Coffee at the World Peace Cafe

Okay, the strawberry and white chocolate was mine

I had to use the granny ring on Hanging Grimston, but kept off the largest sprockets. Honest. I can report that it is indeed a tough climb, and that eating strawberry cake with a white chocolate base is not the ideal preparation for the ascent.

Hanging Grimston

Next time, I'll take a picture at the top of the climb

Simon Warren includes Hanging Grimston in his Another 100 Best Climbs, gives it 4/10 and lists it as being in the East Riding. Sadly, this is not a climb we in East Yorkshire can hold claim to: a sign as you pass over Salamanca Beck makes it clear that the rider is entering North Yorkshire.

I could barely drag myself up Trundlegate later. I do not perform well in the heat. (Near Londesborough I paid £3! for bottled water and poured some of it in to my shoes :eek:)

Let's hope the weather isn't quite so 'good' for the Big G on Saturday 20th July.

3 Responses to “Fun in the Sun: Hanging Grimston and Other Hill Climbs”

  1. Simon Mason wrote:

    I am sure that Hanging Grimston is in the ER Yorks. You pass the North Riding border at Salamanca Beck, then enter ER Yorks and then go up Hanging Grimston at 20%.

  2. ChrisB wrote:

    Hi, Simon. I would be happy to be proved wrong and claim Hanging Grimston as 'one of ours'. However, I know that when I left Kirby Underdale behind me and dropped down the hill towards Salamanca Beck there was a sign suggesting that as I crossed the beck I was passing over the border in to North Yorkshire. (Just to clarify – Kirby Underdale is in the East Riding.)

    If you overlap OS Explorer Maps 294 and 300 you can see how the boundary from the East Riding juts in to North Yorkshire and appears to place Hanging Grimston in North Yorkshire. On the map there is a boundary (as notified to OS to January 2000) labelled "Co Const & UA Bdy" whose dotted line looks as though it passes through the beck. I did consider stopping and taking a photograph, but thought I would use the momentum of the descent to help me on the way up. I should have realised that what little momentum I had gained would be lost after a few yards 😮

    Anyway, it is a satisfying climb and one I hope to tackle without a triple chainset – and the rack bag – when I next get the chance. Thanks for taking the time to stop by and leave a comment, Simon.

  3. Malcy wrote:

    I just completed a great ride looping back and forward through Thixendale and culminating in Hanging grimston. Agree a great ride just enough of a challenge without being too hard. I did it on a compact and kept out of bottom gear. I think this particular climb does figure in the second 100 great climbs but not sure where it is placed.

    Great job doing this and producing a very helpful table.