Hutton Cranswick: a ride in the rain

Our sensible policy of trying to have the planned rides of all three groups set off from the same place at the same time paid off yesterday. A combination of poor weather and fine coffee lured a diminished representation from each of the 'brisk', 'moderate' and 'easy' groups to Hutton Cranswick and TJ's Garden Centre.

After Walkington the group moved away at differing paces to get to the promised warmth of hot food and drink – and the log burner, now in a central position in the recently refurbished café. Tom, our leader for the day, hadn't ridden the Bracken trail since it was scalped and no doubt had fun dodging the pools of water that had formed on the seemingly flat surface.

East Yorkshire CTC club ride to TJ's café at Hutton Cranswick Garden Centre

A visit to the garden centre. Just add water…

After playing Jenga on the stove with blocks of wood and saturated gloves we set off in different directions to make our way home, the rain having stopped. I stayed with Tom, Athena and Pete to take in a loop through Watton Carrs – I had never been that way before – then through flooded roads towards Kilnwick, Lockington and on to Cottingham where Athena picked up the only pun***re of the day (I would hope).

Thanks to Tom for chivvying along the group at the start. Just as we were mostly discussing what jobs we would do after going straight home, Tom arrived and provided the doughty leadership that is required on these occasions and had us follow him. Speaking of followers, I gather from the world of Twitter that not all other East Yorkshire cycling groups made it out in Sunday's showers, although some represented their Beverley club. However, these Knights needed no round table yesterday as, technically, it requires more than two of them to form a circle 😉

The average speed brought below 10mph by hot food and two cups of coffee for this cyclist

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