Malcolm Kilvington at 70

My name is Malcolm Kilvington and what I really like,
Is having lots of gadgets to play with on my bike.
When I was a young lad, I used to go track racing
But now that I am 70, I find that over facing.

When I go out on Sundays, I do like to be seen
So I have a super rear light and a jacket Rapha green.
My handle bars and headband are Rapha green as well.
I am brighter than the traffic lights as far as I can tell.

I am the satnav guru of East Yorkshire CTC.
When I switch my Garmin on, my mates must follow me.
I navigated Belgium and found a town called Damm.
With my satnav at the ready, I know just where I am.

I have bought a tracking camera, the latest of my toys.
Add mobile phone & Garmin & I can make a noise.
When resting at a cafe chatting with my peers,
We heard a most alarming sound deafening to our ears.
My bike alarm was working. A really useful tool,
The customers did not agree. They thought I was a fool.

But I would show these Luddites by what happened next.
Whilst we were sitting quietly, my bike sent me a text.
I will not tell you what it said. It was personal to me.
I crown myself the gadget King of East Yorkshire CTC.

I have worked in many countries and seen the latest trends
But I choose to live in Cottingham because I am with friends.

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