Message from the chairman – AGM 2020.

Message from the chairman – East Yorkshire CTC Annual General Meeting 2020.

As many of you will already be aware, the East Yorkshire CTC Annual General Meeting has been postponed to a date to be decided, possibly March or April of 2021. Although the committee have successfully trialled ZOOM for virtual meetings, there is no practical way that a large virtual meeting could be held.

Dudley Moore, Terry Jackson and John Osgerby have indicated that they wish to stand down from the committee and we never did replace the late Tom Hall nor Melvin and Rachel Parker.  This would have left the number of committee members dangerously low.  Fortunately five members of EYCTC have put their names forward for the vacant positions and these are:-

Dave Berger (to be Secretary)

Gill Fabricant

Nigel Graham (to be Right to Ride Officer)

Sheila Mullen

Linda Rickets

There will be a virtual committee meeting on Tuesday 3rd November at which Dudley, Terry and John will stand down and Dave, Gill, Nigel, Sheila and Linda will be co-opted onto the Committee. This arrangement will be formalised at the next AGM.

In the absence of an opportunity to do this in a public meeting, I would like to place on record my appreciation and thanks to Dudley, Terry and John for their support and sterling work on the committee over many years.

Dave Burman

Chairman, East Yorkshire CTC

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