Motor assisted ride Scarborough – Whitby.

Nige & Phil are planning a motor assisted ride from Scalby (just north of Scarborough), to Whitby, on Thursday June 10th.

The ride will be on the disused railway line which used to run between Scarborough & Whitby, which is now a cinder track .

We’ve done it a couple of times before & it’s a lovely ride, but the speed is reduced on the track and it may not be suited to all types of bikes. My Marathon Plus 700 x 32 tyres usually manage quite well, but I wouldn’t like to try it with any narrower tyres on.

The distance between Scalby & Whitby is approximately 20 miles (& of course 20 miles back). There are plenty of cafe’s scenery on route.

If any of our EY CTC group are interested, please let us know. Ride is dependent on reasonable weather !!.

The cinder track leaflet can be read here The-Cinder-Track-Leaflet

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