Reminder, East Yorkshire CTC Group Follow-On Survey – Have your say

Reminder, East Yorkshire CTC Group Follow-On Survey – Have your say.


I hope you have successfully navigated through Christmas (and probably New Year by the time you read this).

I emailed just before Christmas with a link to a survey we are conducting. If you are one of the many who have so far responded – MANY THANKS!! it has already provided us with some very useful insights and we will ponder on these at our next committee meeting on 12 January 2021.

Due to the limitations of SurveyMonkey “Basic” functions we could only analyse the first 40 responses, which we have already done.

If who would like to respond, but hadn’t yet got round to it, I have “cloned” the earlier survey (with very minor adjustments) and the new link to this is below: (if you have already responded to the survey – please ignore this email)

Click here to take part in the Follow-On survey (using Survey Monkey software but administered by EY CTC)

Don’t forget to press the last “Submit” button!

I have sent the same link through WhatsApp, you only need to respond once!

If you’d prefer just to give feedback direct please feel free to reply directly to me

Dave Berger “

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