Restarting Group rides – trial.

A subset of the Club Committee met on 16th September and decided that despite the current restrictive Government and Cycling UK guidance we should attempt to initiate group rides once again. The arrangements outlined below are in the form of a TRIAL to determine what works and what does not. In summary it was decided that:-

  1. Riders will meet at 10.00 on a Sunday at Cottingham Green and on a Thursday at Skidby
  2. Groups will be limited to a maximum of 6 riders and if numbers attending exceed that number then 2 or however many necessary separate groups will be formed
  3. For that reason destinations will be determined on the day, bearing in mind that separate groups are not permitted to have the same destination

In essence riders will be expected to form a bubble, ideally with riders of similar ability. Please remember that if you meet a separate group on the road you must not combine if the group numbers then exceed 6.

Lastly as a matter of courtesy please always carry a facemask for use if required in refreshment stops, garden centres for example

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