Sad news that Don Wilkinson has passed away

Sad news that Don Wilkinson has passed away, a life time member of the CTC.  He never owned a car, a true cyclist, out on the club runs each week.

Don Wilkinson

(From Jim Sampson) – He started the Wednesday Geriatric Jaunts with me 25 years ago and we tried many times to put the world to rights; without much success, I’m afraid. We’ve had lots of adventures over the years, at events, with the CTC and then with the last  of the Summer Whiners. A very independent person until both his eyesight and his hearing failed him or l think he would still have been riding his bike. In winter he would sometimes come out on his tricycle and I would deliberately find some tracks where grass grew down the middle. He was 94.

Don – Kirkam Abbey, Apr 1997.

Rest in peace Don.

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