September 2016 Challenge Rides – Results

Ray and Sheila lead out an EYCTC group

Ray and Sheila leading one of the groups on the 70km route

This third running of our September Challenge Rides brought a number of new faces as well as many who had ridden both previous events. Unlike the last two years the weather wasn't so promising at the start of the day, and most riders will have seen a shower or two while out. As always the CTC/Cycling UK affiliate group Cottingham Road Club was well represented – in fact better than ever this year – and had riders in the 70, 130 and 170km routes.

Right up until signing in there was a possibility of CRC fielding riders in the 200km route but, as Audaxer Graeme would later comment, there was "a 75% DNS (Did Not Start) rate on the longest of the four CTC Challenge Rides" so he set off with the 170 group as the only rider taking on the 200km route – a test event new for this year. More on that later…

It would have been nice to have had a greater number to take on our challenge at the weekend, but it was rewarding to see so many smiling faces – and a few grimacing ones – out on the roads of the beautiful Yorkshire Wolds. Some of those new faces had heard about the event via forums – Terry drove from Harrogate for the 170km route – and the posters distributed to bike shops. I've been promoting the rides using Twitter, but perhaps more traditional methods such as leafleting could be done for the range of our events in 2017. Something to think about.

I was extremely grateful to Pete Dunn for the loan of the Cycle Event signs – and the peace of mind that brought. Thanks to Mel, Eileen, Sheila, Eric and Rachel for signing in everyone, welcoming back the returning riders and sorting out the groups with refreshments before and after the rides (and thank you Mrs B for the delicious sausage rolls and chocolate biscuit cake once again). Their selfless efforts were much appreciated – not least by yours truly as it allowed me the indulgence of pretending to know what I'm doing with my wife's camera. Below are a few snaps that I tweeted on the Sunday night.

There were reports of several punctures, which sometimes makes me wonder if we should continue to publish finishing times (see below), but we will for now. It would be a pity if a lovely café stop was cut short to dash back for a 'quick time'. I'm not sure if all of our magnificent seven favourite cafés were used by the riders. Perhaps those taking part on Sunday could let us know in the comments below – and maybe give any other thoughts on the day's events.

At the beginning of this post I referred to Graeme as the only person to ride the 200km route. He moved to the area just a few months ago and I have enjoyed reading about his journeys on both sides of the Humber. It was a pleasure to meet him and a relief that someone did the big ride on the day. It was worth planning the extra event to be able to read his blog post about cycling in the Yorkshire Wolds. Do check out his detailed and entertaining ride report – perhaps over a "fermented-isotonic-recovery-juice and a packet of artificial flavours" – and maybe leave a comment if you have the time.

Download the list of finishers for the East Yorkshire CTC 2016 Challenge Rides

2 Responses to “September 2016 Challenge Rides – Results”

  1. Balancingontwowheels wrote:

    An excellent adventure, and one I hope to repeat next year. 200km may seem like a huge distance, but it is generally/typically ridden at an endurance rather than race pace, making it more achievable than people might think. I'm no mountain goat nor a fast roadie. The hills certainly added to the challenge though! I think organised events like this are a good opportunity to stretch oneself. Thanks again to everyone involved.

  2. Geoff RAWSON wrote:

    a super route once again riding with some good friends , a shame more dont ride these events Angie and i had a great day , and i made it to the end before i had my first hypo of the day cant remember much about the end only dropping stuff all over and choclate brownies and coffee saving the day , thanks everyone