Skidby-Beverley Cycle Track Dip The Loose Dogs are Back

Sunday 2/12/18 riding south down the National cycle route Dip towards Skidby when a large Alsatian type dog ran out of a side track ahead towards me – it looked as if the chap by the house on the left just passed summonsed the hidden dog when he saw me coming. A women was out of sight up a track to the right and the dog ran back to her and, lo and behold, there was the dog that last year caused my pelvic fractures, 6 week delay to my lung cancer surgery, a misdiagnosis that my melanoma had spread to the pelvis (after 6 weeks of worry told it hadn’t it was the trauma from the dog fall) and Alan to fracture his collarbone. She said she lived there and implied she had the right to use public spaces without any concerns for others.

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