Solo ride by Mal.

Social Distancing – A windy solo bike ride 

Challenging times for us and the World but, so far, solo cycling with social distancing is ok and provides the opportunity to enjoy the Spring countryside, time to stop and report potholes! Look at the map, take photos and notice the environmental details that are often lost during a group ride.

Maybe we can use the website to share our solo routes, places to stop for flask hot drinks and saddlebag food.

My first ride was on Friday, defined by an icy NW wind but with bright sun and blue sky a hilly circuit from Beverley to Walkington, Trundlegate, High Gardham, South Dalton, Dalton Park, Lund, Lockington and Cherry Burton.  A great 35 mile route with 500m of climbing.

During the ride I came across loads of solo and duo cyclists, walkers, joggers, and dog walkers all exchanged greetings and smiles.

Lunch was taken at the Forge in Lund, an open community space containing a sunny seat, the old forge and a library!

It may be prudent carry a map and phone and to set up a tracker on it.

Look forward to reading other members solo or duo ride reports.

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