Planned Rides Thursdays & Sundays.

April / May rides

04 AprilThursdayNorth Dalton / Hutton CranSkidby9.30 amPhil
07 AprilSunday9.30 am
11 AprilThursdayDeepdale GC. (via Welton)Skidby9.30 amNige
14 AprilSundayInformalSkidby9.30 amPhil
18 AprilThursdayScunthorpeHBCP9.30 amAnn
21 AprilSundayEastrington, (Tracey's for a picnic).Skidby9.30 amLinda
25 AprilThursday9.30 am
28 AprilSunday(Ilham holiday)
02 MayThursdayBell MillsSkidby9.30 amPhil
04 MaySaturdayAGM - Rose & Crown, Beverley12:00
05 MaySundayMappleton.China Red9.30 amSheila M.
09 MayThursdayM.A. ride. Tracey's - Elvington.Tracey's9.30 amPhil
(Alternative - Skidby).(North Dalton VH open)
12 MaySunday (Bev 10k race).Coxwold service.
12 MaySundaySledmereSkidby9.30amDave Berger
16 MayThursday9.30 am
19 MaySundayMarket Weighton.Skidby 9.309.30 amJohn D.
(Whit Sunday)Etton 10.1510.15
23 MayThursday9.30 am
26 MaySunday9.30 am
30 MayThursdayNewport (Ted & Ann's for a picnic)Skidby9.30 am
(North Dalton VH open).

Notes :-

9th May - MA ride from Tracey's - contact Phil & Nige if you want a lift to Tracey's.

9th May - Alternative ride - meet Skidby 9.30. ND village hall is open.

12th May - Coxwold church service.  Beverley 10k, check route.

June / July rides

02 JuneSunday9.30 am
06 JuneThursday9.30 am
09 JuneSunday9.30 am
13 JuneThursday9.30 am
16 JuneSunday9.30 am
20 JuneThursday9.30 am
23 JuneSunday9.30 am
27 JuneThursday9.30 am
30 JuneSunday9.30 am
04 JulyThursday9.30 am
07 JulySunday9.30 am
11 JulyThursday9.30 am
14 JulySunday9.30 am
18 JulyThursday9.30 am
21 JulySunday9.30 am
25 JulyThursday9.30 am
28 July





Conduct and Safe Riding

All cyclists are cordially invited to join the rides. Riders should carry at least a basic tool kit, waterproofs, drink, emergency food (e.g. energy bars or dried fruit) and from October to March, lights.
For the benefit of all riders, please remember these points for safe cycling in a group:-
1. Please treat ALL other road users with the same courtesy and consideration that you would expect to receive from themNever deliberately antagonise other road users.
2. Never ride more than two abreast and in groups of more than 10.
3. Give a verbal warning when approaching an obstruction, slowing down or stopping.
4. Give warning of approaching traffic on narrow roads and single out.
5. If you overtake a leader on a hill, wait at the top or at the first junction.
6. If you have having difficulty with the pace, tell the leader.
7. If you decide to abandon the ride and do your own thing – please tell someone.

If you have any issues with other members of the group please speak to our safeguarding officer (Chris) who will discuss this with you.