The Revolutionary Road to Binbrook

Today's 'brisk' ride was to Binbrook. Francis and I led a splinter group that consisted mainly of his ride buddies from Revolutions Cycling Club. Most hadn't ridden as far in to Lincolnshire as Binbrook and at times I had to work from memory to follow the quiet lanes to our lunch stop; at least two junctions weren't signposted. And I needed a quick check in Wold Newton that I was right to wait for the third sign post to Binbrook and the café stop in the village store.


There was no sign for Pallets Café. Now I'm thinking we went to the wrong place 😮

It's always nice to introduce cyclists to areas new to them. I hope there were enough pretty sections along the route into the Lincolnshire Wolds – and enough cheeky little hills – to keep today's riders interested.

Just when it looked like we might have sorted out the pacing on the way home we lost three riders at Melton Ross. Thankfully, they were later accounted for. A lesson learned for watching out at junctions. We are thinking of inviting along more groups and individual riders. We just all need to be clear about a number of things. I didn't know I would end up leading the ride today or I might have put a 'course' together in Garmin Connect. Something to think about.

I decided not to bother with leg warmers – and I was too hot for much of the day in my club jersey. Perhaps I should be grateful of that in the second half of October. Oh, and it was a bit windy 😯

The only disappointment today was passing through Caistor, taking one for the time-pressed team and not going in to 28 Plough Hill for my favourite coffee. There'll be other times…

2 Responses to “The Revolutionary Road to Binbrook”

  1. Francis Brogden wrote:

    A great leafy lane route but disappointed at losing riders along the way. My apologies to those MIA.

  2. The Rispinator wrote:

    Chris. Thank you for organising the ride. A good distance and some climbing. Adam and I arrived home after 2 punctures and some Strava successes. Would ride that route again!