Track day for Malcolm and Dudley

Today we crossed the Pennines to try the Velodrome.
We saw many cyclists there so we felt quite at home.
First, we had instruction, about some safety rules
(To fall when getting off the bike would make us look such fools.)

“Only stop at the handrail, never on the track
And always look behind you, always check your back”.
The first 2 laps were on the flat, we then edged up the steep.
“You must maintain your speed now, or finish in a heap.”

A few more laps and then a stop. We did not want to shirk
but the ride was very tiring and very thirsty work.
Back on the bike and having a go at speed and overtaking
Quite exciting when you think- We`ve only fixed wheel braking.

Our session lasted just an hour. This was good for me.
Before us came the G.B. squad. It was good to see
The ladies team, training hard, making their bikes whine
Followed by Sir Bradley's team trying to hold his line.


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