Young Riders

Cycling UK  and East Yorkshire CTC, welcome young riders on both our regular rides and our special events. However, as is usual with all such activities, we require young riders to provide the leader or organiser with a “parental consent form” to demonstrate that they join us with the full knowledge and consent of their parent. A link to this form appears at the bottom of this page, and can be printed. We regret that any young person arriving at the start of an event without a completed parental consent form will reluctantly be turned away.

Young riders and their parents should be aware of the following conditions and requirements. This all sounds very formal and bureaucratic – please be assured that our only desire is that any young rider joining any of our rides or events has an enjoyable cycling experience. There will normally be people on hand to assist with any simple repairs that might be needed on-route.

Any reference to “parent” on this page refers equally to “legal guardian”.

Any reference to “event” on this page includes our regular rides and our special events.

A parental consent form is required for all riders under 18 on any of our events. The only exception is for people aged 16 or 17 who can demonstrate independence from the family home (this is a CTC-imposed requirement).

A separate form is required for each event.

Riders under the age of 13 must also be accompanied by a responsible adult approved by the parent (the parental consent form is still required in all cases).

Parents should be aware that the leaders of our rides and organisers of our special events have not been subject to any criminal records checking process. Generally there will be other riders present throughout a ride, and thus it is unlikely a young person would be with only the ride coordinator.

In the case of special events (as opposed to our regular rides) there is no leader; participants make their own way along the designated route.

It is the responsibility of the parent to satisfy himself or herself that the event is within the capability of the young person. The leader or organiser will be happy to discuss their event with a parent and provide some guidance as to the difficulty of the ride.

It is also the responsibility of the parent to satisfy himself or herself that the bike that the young person is using is safe and roadworthy, and suitable for the event being undertaken.

East Yorkshire CTC take no responsibility for the journey to the start and from the finish of any ride or event.