Committee Meetings

Committee meetings are usually held on the first Tuesday of the month.
April 2021  meeting will be on Tuesday 6th April at 7.30 by Zoom.

We will continue using Zoom for the meetings while the Covid restrictions are in place.

EY CTC AGM  is to be held on zoom on the 4th May 2021, for details see the AGM website post (14th April 2021).

If there are any issues you would like the committee to discuss could
you please email the Secretary, Dave Berger with as much information and
notice before the next meeting as you can manage. This will enable the
secretary to research and circulate papers/information in advance of the
meeting and alert committee members to do their own research/thinking
before the meeting.”

The secretary (and all other committee members) can be reached by
completing the ‘contact us’ form.  ‘Contact Us