Road Safety Incidents.

Not content with causing accidents with their dogs which resulted in a broken collarbone and a week later (same dog) 2 pelvic fractures whilst riding down the shared National Cycle Route dog dip at Skidby, a LandRover started to come  out of the bungalow drive on Friday 13th December without looking. I was travelling very slowly on ice lookout and mine and Land Rovers disk brakes locked our wheels and saved a nasty collision.


Click on link below to relive my Friday the 13th experience –

Skidby Shared Route Near Miss


Further information

We are all concerned about safety on our roads, both in terms of the condition of our local road surfaces and the level of care shown by all road users in our area.

This page is intended to allow comments on matters such as, potholes, as well as driving that is considered dangerous.

Road & Cycle Route Repairs

Reporting dangerous road surfaces

We have established contact with East Riding and Hull City councils and have begun recording, reporting and monitoring road/cycle surfaces that pose a danger to cyclists.

The CTC smartphone app ‘Fill That Hole’ and a bike mounted Cycliq FLY12 HD video camera are being used for recording and reporting to the local councils. It would be great if members, whilst out on our local roads, contribute to this process by identifying potholes and other hazards that create a danger to cyclists. Should you come across anything of concern, or a previously reported hazard that has been fixed, please send a text or email, ideally with a photo and exact location. Contact details below.

Dangerous driving

It appears that aggressive drivers are on the increase, and most club riders have experienced incidents of dangerous driving.
Common examples of bad driving include: overtaking the group where it is not safe to do so, drivers failing to slow down on single track roads and passing to close. We should also be aware that many vehicles and all buses are equipped with dashboard cameras – be aware and ride according to the highway code. The bike mounted video camera used on some of our
Sunday rides is equipped with incident recording facilities and footage will be used to report dangerous driving to the police. Cycle or helmet mounted cameras are increasingly being used in our cities by cycle commuters. As club riders, we are generally exposed to increased danger from faster traffic, particularly on narrow country roads.

The picture shows a driver that had passed eight of us without registering the fact that two horses were in the middle of the road, causing him to cut in and stop amongst us. The video recorded our shouted “horses ahead” warning before the car overtook us.

Current and recent hazard reports:

1. Harland way Skidby cycle path – Fallen tree on blocking path
2. Cottingham Beverley cycle paths – Dangerous loose dogs Skidby

If you would like to report details of poor road surfaces or have concerns about other road users use our Contacts Page form. Alternatively, please leave a comment below.