Road Safety – Potholes & hazards.

Cycling UK  ‘Fill-That-Hole’.

The fill that hole site, can be used for reporting & finding potholes & other  hazards.

There is also a map showing hazards.

Cycling UK set up FillThatHole so all road users can have an easy way to report potholes and road defects wherever you find them.

Cycling UK contacts the right people to get the roads repaired. Councils are generally quick to respond – we know because you’ve told us. Report your pothole now.


February 2021 – Beware of parked vans & cars when using the Hull Bridge Rd cycle / pedestrian path, opposite Cherry Lane Garden Centre.

There seems to be some work going on & contractors are parking in the cycle path, almost completely blocking it. This has been reported to Humberside police.


October 2020  – Cyclists are warned to be careful when using the cycle track that runs beside the A1035, between Moelscroft & Cherry Burton.

There have been two recent accidents, which is possibly happening at the cycle track junction with the caravan storage road.

Not being helped by the hedge obscuring the view of cars approaching from the caravan storage site.